role of AI (artificial intelligence) in personalising streaming content

Role of AI in personalising streaming content

Discover how AI transforms streaming services with personalised recommendations that cater to individual tastes.

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experience innovation at CABSAT 2024

Experience innovation with us at CABSAT 2024 in Dubai

We are happy to announce that Spyrosoft BSG will be present at CABSAT 2024, the premier broadcasting, satellite, and digital media event.

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what is connected tv and why is it becoming so popular

What is Connected TV and why is it becoming so popular?

Discover the benefits of Connected TV as it transforms entertainment by delivering internet-powered content through smart TVs and streaming devices.

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What is TVkey Cloud and what do we know about it?

TVkey Cloud, developed by NAGRA and Samsung, revolutionizes access to pay-TV services by enabling direct streaming on TVs.

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Spyrosoft BSG Expands Its Offering with AI Solutions for Media

Discover how we are going to transform the media industry with innovative AI solutions.

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Better Software Group Rebrands to Spyrosoft BSG, Expanding Its Services Through Integration with Spyrosoft

Read more about the rebranding of Better Software Group to Spyrosoft BSG.

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Better Software Group Introduces the Comprehensive OTT Managed Service

Find out more about Comprehensive OTT Managed Service designed to streamline media industry projects from start to maintenance.

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Better Software Group Launches a Framework for Efficient Connected TV App Development

Better Software Group Launches a Framework for Efficient Connected TV App Development

Meet a new tool for the efficient development of Connected TV apps, offering wide device compatibility and accelerated market entry.

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Discover the future of media at NAB Show 2024

Join us as we explore the future of media and entertainment together. We can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas!

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7 reasons why is sports streaming becoming so popular

Learn more about the reasons why sports streaming is becoming more and more popular right now.

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streaming platforms vs changing viewing habits

Why should streaming platforms adapt to changing viewing habits?

Discover the strategies through which streaming platforms adjust to changing viewing habits.

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what is titan os

What is Titan OS and what do we know about it so far?

Explore what distinguishes Titan OS, a new smart TV operating system. Discover its unique features before giving it a try yourself.

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5 best ways to monetize a podcast

Learn about podcasting development and effective monetization techniques in this overview. Learn the optimal podcast monetization strategies.

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What is AVOD? Everything you should know in 2024

Discover AVOD, the ad-supported streaming innovation offering free content, monetization for creators, and targeted advertising for marketers.

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Smart TV operating systems: which offers the best user experience?

Discover the best Smart TV operating systems in our expert analysis. Compare top platforms, focusing on user experience.

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