What is TVkey Cloud? 

TVkey Cloud, a joint innovation by NAGRA and Samsung, is a cutting-edge technology that greatly simplifies access to pay-TV services. It ushers in a new era of convenience for consumers, enabling instant access to pay-TV directly on consumer TVs, right out of the box, using only the TV remote control – eliminating the need for a set-top box. The technology is known for its ability to provide access to pay-TV channels in amazing 4K UHD quality without additional hardware, cables or complicated installation processes. The essence of TVkey Cloud is to offer a seamless, integrated experience, allowing users to directly enjoy high-quality content with minimal setup. 

How does it work? 

The magic of TVkey Cloud lies in its ability to secure broadcast signals using a cloud-based Conditional Access System (CAS). Typically, traditional systems require physical hardware to decrypt the content. However, with TVkey Cloud, the decryption process takes place over the cloud, which communicates with the smart TV via a secure internet connection.

This is accomplished through a direct-to-TV security solution that integrates the TVkey system into the television. The viewer simply activates their TVkey Cloud through a simple sign-up process, after which they can start streaming their favorite shows and movies in high-definition quality. This approach not only simplifies the setup process but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with producing and disposing of hardware components.

TVkey Cloud benefits 

TVkey Cloud not only improves the user experience through technological simplification but also redefines how content and services are delivered and managed across the entertainment ecosystem. This innovative solution brings tangible benefits to consumers, pay-TV operators, and consumer electronics manufacturers alike. 

Benefits for customers

  • Simplified living space: TVkey Cloud addresses the modern dilemma of cluttered entertainment spaces by eliminating the need for multiple cables, boxes, and remote controls, offering a cleaner and more organized viewing environment. 
  • Immediate content access: With TVkey Cloud, consumers can enjoy a vast array of content, including premium pay-TV services, right from their retail TV purchase without the need for additional hardware. 
  • Seamless experience: Users benefit from a seamless, operator-branded user experience that integrates access to operator value-added services, making it easier to navigate and enjoy their preferred content. 

Benefits for Pay-TV operators

  • Reduced costs: The virtualization of the set-top box reduces the cost-to-serve for operators, making the pay-TV offering more economically efficient and attractive. 
  • Impulse purchase opportunities: TVkey Cloud’s instant activation and service discovery features present a unique opportunity for impulse purchases by new subscribers, significantly broadening the potential customer base for pay-TV operators. 
  • New retail channels: By enabling access to services directly through the TV, TVkey Cloud opens up new retail channels for marketing, allowing pay-TV operators to tap into previously inaccessible segments of the market. 

Benefits for CE manufacturers

  • Competitive edge: By incorporating TVkey Cloud, Consumer Electronics (CE) manufacturers can offer a wider range of services on their devices, differentiating their products in a competitive market and adding value for consumers. 

Universal benefits

  • Hollywood-approved security: Featuring a hardware Root of Trust and secure media path, TVkey Cloud adheres to the highest security standards, ensuring content is protected while enabling renewable security measures. 
  • Open and accessible: The TVkey Cloud system is designed to be low-cost and open for third-party licensing, broadening its applicability and potential for widespread adoption across the industry. 



As more TV manufacturers and broadcasters explore partnerships with NAGRA to implement TVkey Cloud, it’s likely we will see a broader adoption of this technology. The potential for growth in this area is substantial, as it aligns with the increasing consumer preference for streaming services and cloud-based solutions.

TVkey Cloud could very well redefine how we access and consume television in the future. By combining robust security with ease of use and environmental benefits, it addresses many of the challenges facing the digital broadcasting industry today. As we look forward, the integration of such technologies will play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of television viewing, making it more secure, accessible, and enjoyable for users worldwide.