Wroclaw, Poland – April 08, 2024 – Today, Better Software Group announced the launch of its Comprehensive OTT Managed Service, a complex solution designed to empower businesses in the media industry. 

This innovative offering aims to support projects from inception to ongoing maintenance, providing a streamlined, end-to-end service for media businesses. The Comprehensive OTT Managed Service is the culmination of BSG’s extensive experience and dedication to excellence in the media and broadcasting sectors. It merges expert consultation, rapid team formation, OTT platform development, and ongoing support into a singular, seamless service.  

The new offering revolutionizes the traditional process of team assembly, providing immediate access to a select pool of specialized consultants. This service facilitates the rapid formation of expert teams, thus eliminating the typical delays associated with hiring. This new service enables swift project initiation and scalability, ensuring project milestones are met with efficiency. 

In addition to strategic planning and assembling a team, Better Software Group excels in the concrete implementation and sustained maintenance of OTT platforms. Their approach ensures a seamless transition from concept to go-live, with a dedicated team remaining on-site to provide ongoing support. This continuous commitment includes upgrades, security management and performance optimization, allowing the clients to focus on their core business goals.  


Better Software Group’s Head of Strategy Development Slawomir Piwko, commented:

At Better Software Group, we understand the challenges of keeping up with the fast pace of the media and entertainment world. Traditionally, building and maintaining an OTT platform has been a complicated process, often requiring collaboration with multiple vendors, which can lead to inefficiencies and communication breakdowns. These inefficiencies can ultimately contribute to subscriber churn. Our Comprehensive OTT Managed Service offers a unified solution that streamlines development, reduces costs, and improves communication and information flow. This streamlined approach empowers businesses to deliver exceptional user experiences faster, which is critical for reducing churn and fostering long-term subscriber loyalty.

Better Software Group is excited to announce our participation in the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas. Interested individuals are encouraged to arrange a meeting with BSG experts to explore the company’s Comprehensive OTT Managed Service.

About Better Software Group
With 13 years of experience, Better Software Group is revolutionizing digital media consumption by offering intuitive solutions tailored to the needs of content distributors such as broadcasters, media agencies, telecommunications companies and sports organizations. Their holistic approach includes expert consultation, rapid team building, video and media development and ongoing support, combined into a seamless service that prioritizes user-friendly interfaces and efficient, innovative results.