Core competencies and platforms

We build mobile applications, web and backend solutions for broadcasters, content owners, telecommunication and media companies. Through joining our passion for new technologies and taking utmost care of the aesthetics as well as usability of our projects, we create new business possibilities to our clients helping them in digital transformation

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Our customers and partners

Case studies

Canal Digital Go Mobile

Canal Digital app allows viewers to easily watch TV on mobile and tablets. The streaming application is available on Android and iOS.

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TV 2 Sumo App

Working with TV 2 we built TV 2 Sumo apps that include features such as EPG, user profiles, content download (offline mode) and player features.

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Ipla Samsung Tizen App

Ipla is a cross-platform application for smart TV. Development was done with the use of Smart TV Alliance. Thanks to that a single application is available on two different platforms- Tizen and WebOS.

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