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From the very beginning of the company, Better Software Group has had one goal – to deliver better viewing experiences available to anyone and anywhere. Having on board experts that stand out thanks to their advanced skills and expertise in creating multiplatform solutions for a huge variety of platforms and technologies, the company creates innovative custom front-end solutions, products and system integrations for various entities scattered around the globe.

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We are at the Front-line of creating excellent video solutions that have a real impact on the lives and everyday comfort of users. We deliver the highest quality, are fully engaged in the projects we are working on and put our minds and hearts into every line of code that comes from our hands. It’s what we are passionate about, it’s what we were meant to do and we take pride in everything we create.

In our everyday work, we help our partners and customers achieve their set out goals and guide them in making the best choices for their businesses.

Let us hear you and help you fulfill your needs and become a part of the greatest change for the BETTER.

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It may sound cheesy but the entire existence of the company derives from friendship. The relationship between the founders of Better Software Group, our CEO Bartłomiej Lozia and Sławomir Piwko our Vice President of the board goes way back.

In 2016 they decided to join the forces of two separate entities sharing the same investment capital and board, skilled in solution development to create the one that you know now – Better Software Group.

They combined their passion for bringing innovation into the market and the experiences that they gathered through the years to build a deeply connected and close-knit work community that wants to share their skills and passion with the world.

They continue to deliver exquisite expertise to others all while putting first the family-like relations between BSG’s team members, as that is what holds the team together and inspires its members to push towards achieving greatness.

We are fortunate to have a team of experts & enthusiasts in the software and technology field.
People with passions and dreams – just like you!

Software Developers

Responsible for writing code to create software applications for different devices.

Technical leads

Provides technical guidance and direction to a team of developers, and is responsible for the overall technical quality of the software being produced.

Quality assuranceengineers

Ensures that the software being developed is of high quality and meets the requirements and specifications.

Project Managers

Plans, coordinates, and manages software development projects from start to finish.

DevOps engineer

Focuses on the tools and processes needed to quickly and reliably deliver software updates and features to users.

Product Managers

Develops and manages the strategy for a software product, including determining the target market, setting pricing and sales goals, and working with the development team to bring the product to market.

Systems analysts

Analyzes business processes and systems, and recommends changes and improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Solutions architects

Designs and implements technical solutions to meet the needs of the business, and advises on the use of new and emerging technologies.

Business analyst

Analyzes the business needs of the company and recommends solutions using software and technology.

IT support specialist

Provides technical support to employees and helps troubleshoot issues with hardware and software.

Key people

Clients about us

Our Values

Constant Improvement

1. Constant Improvement

The foundation of our approach is continuous improvement of all processes. We stride to become better in every aspect of our work. We believe that great results come from small consistent changes introduced over the time.

2. Transparency

We believe that open, honest and two-way communication is the key to mutual understanding and trust. We are transparent in all of our activities.

3. Teamwork

We share our knowledge, believing that we can learn from each other. Working together lets us achieve great results.

4. Commmitment

We always keep our word. We respect our obligations and take responsibility for them.

5. Work Balance

We provide space for self-realization and our mutual passions. Thanks to this, we can share the enthusiasm for what we do and who we are both at work and in our personal lives.

6. Pride in what we deliver

We are proud of our work. Achieving the best quality is our main interest. The satisfaction of our partners is what drives us to reach further improvement.

One of the biggest milestones –
being a part of Spyrosoft

As of April of 2022, through strategic cooperation, Better Software Group has officially become a part of Spyrosoft, a company operating internationally in the fields of Automotive, Finance, Geospatial, Industry 4.0 and Health Care.

We still remain an independent entity but now work closely with the Spyrosoft Group. This step was crucial for the development of both of our companies, so together we can share our expertise and accomplish even greater things for the BETTER of our industry and customers.

Read more about Spyrosoft’s services

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