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At Spyrosoft BSG, we stand at the forefront of addressing the evolving challenges faced by viewers across the globe. Since our inception, our singular mission has been to enhance and revolutionize the viewing experience, making it universally accessible and thoroughly enjoyable. Our team of highly skilled experts excels at developing a wide range of innovative, customized front-end solutions, products, and system integrations. With our experience that spans a range of platforms and technologies, we can serve a variety of clients around the world.

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At the heart of innovation, we are dedicated to creating exceptional video solutions that dramatically improve the lives and comfort of our users. Striving for excellence, our team is fully committed to every project, putting passion and precision into every line of code we create. This is not only our job, but it is our calling. We take immense pride in every piece of work, knowing that we are making a real difference. 

Your vision is our mission. Share your goals with us and let’s work together to meet your needs, driving the biggest changes for a BETTER future. 

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A symphony of passion and expertise

The story of Spyrosoft BSG is not just about technology; it’s a tale of enduring friendship and shared dreams. Our founders, CEO Bartlomiej Lozia and Vice President Slawomir Piwko, share a long-standing bond. It is this deep-rooted friendship that laid the foundation for what the Spyrosoft BSG is today.

In 2016, a key decision was made. Bartlomiej and Slawomir, running two separate entities with common investment capital and boards of directors, decided to merge their competencies. The merger was not only a business move, but also the birth of a vision – the creation of Spyrosoft BSG as it is today. A place where innovation meets passion, and the sum is greater than its parts.

The duo brought together not only their companies but also their passion for driving innovation and years of experience. The result? A vibrant, tight-knit community at Spyrosoft BSG, where each team member is eager to share their skills and passion with the world.

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Constant Improvement

Innovative mindset

Innovation is our heart. We are constantly exploring new horizons, using cutting-edge technology, and fostering creative thinking to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Continuous improvement

We adhere to a culture of constant enhancement, in which small, steady improvements lead to extraordinary results. Our journey is an evolution, striving for perfection in every aspect of our work.


Sharing knowledge is our strength, and we firmly believe in the power of collective wisdom. By combining our talents, we not only achieve, but often exceed our goals, demonstrating the true value of teamwork.

Dedicated reliability

Our promise is our commitment. We honor our commitments with unwavering devotion, taking responsibility for our actions and decisions, ensuring that our word is always our commitment.

Work-life integration

We create an environment where personal development and passions are as important as professional achievement. This balance fuels our enthusiasm, enriching both our work and personal lives.

Agility and adaptability

In a rapidly changing world, our agility is key. We adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and customer requirements, ensuring that our solutions are always relevant, timely and effective.

A new chapter: joining forces with Spyrosoft 

In April 2022, Better Software Group took a significant step by becoming part of Spyrosoft Group, a leader in sectors like Automotive, Finance, and Health Care. While maintaining our independence, this strategic partnership enhances our capabilities and opens new horizons. 

This collaboration marks a new era of innovation and growth. Together with Spyrosoft, we’re poised to share expertise and resources, driving forward the success of our industry and delivering exceptional value to our customers. 

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Looking for a skilled and innovative team to bring your streaming project to life? Need expert advice on the best solutions for your unique business needs? Look no further! Contact us using the form and let’s start a conversation about how we can support your vision and bring your project to success. 

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