Wroclaw, April 10, 2024 – Better Software Group (BSG), a provider of specialised solutions for the media and entertainment industry, announced its rebranding to Spyrosoft BSG, marking a significant phase in its ongoing two-year integration with the global technology company, Spyrosoft. 

The move marks a natural progression for Better Software Group. It aims to leverage the shared strengths of both companies, improve their service offerings and deliver superior value to their customers and partners. By joining forces with Spyrosoft, BSG gains access to a wider array of resources, including cutting-edge technology, a larger talent pool and enhanced operational capabilities. Being part of a larger, globally recognised group opens the door to a broader range of customers in different industries, providing BSG with opportunities to apply its expertise in new contexts and markets. 

The Spyrosoft Group, including Spyrosoft BSG, has over 1,500 employees in eight countries. This strategic integration enhances the group’s technological prowess, bringing innovative software solutions closer to a global audience. For the Spyrosoft Group, BSG brings a wealth of experience and innovation in developing unique solutions for the media sector. 

Spyrosoft BSG proudly emphasises its specialization in three core areas that set it apart in the technology and media industry. By offering comprehensive OTT managed service, creating immersive Connected TV applications, and leveraging artificial intelligence, particularly computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, data science, and recommendation engines, the company is establishing itself as a leader in providing innovative and excellent services. 

bart lozia

Spyrosoft BSG’s CEO, Bart Lozia, says:

Spyrosoft BSG represents an exciting new chapter for our company. With the next phase of integration with Spyrosoft, we’re strengthening our media solutions and expanding our offerings. This allows us to better serve our clients’ needs in today’s dynamic digital environment.

Spyrosoft’s CEO, Konrad Weiske, comments:

BSG’s rebranding is one of the final milestones of our integration. I am delighted that this process is approaching its final stage and that the Spyrosoft brand is increasing its visibility for another group of customers. I am convinced that the joint branding will boost further development of our media domain and make us a more attractive partner for the top players of the entertainment segment.

Konrad Weiske

About Spyrosoft BSG

Spyrosoft BSG, formerly Better Software Group, is a company with over a decade of experience in the media and entertainment industry, focused on transforming the video on demand (VOD) and streaming space. Their work spans various platforms, including smart TVs, connected TVs, web, smartphones, and tablets, catering to the needs of broadcasters, content owners, telecoms, and media companies. They have worked with notable companies across different industries. Some of their trusted partners include the Norwegian television TV2, Orange, Eleven Sports, and Canal Digital. 

About Spyrosoft 

Spyrosoft is a group of companies providing consulting and software development services in segments including Automotive, HR Tech, EduTech, Finance, Geospatial, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Industry 4.0, Media and Robotics. The Group offers a one-stop shop approach as it operates within a wide range of specialities – from Enterprise and Embedded Software Engineering, AI/ML, Cloud and Cybersecurity, to HMI or Ecommerce, Low-code and CRM Platforms.

Spyrosoft is a global company with over 1500 specialists onboard and 15 offices in 8 countries. The firm has been included in the Financial Times ranking of 1000 fastest-growing companies for three consecutive years: 2021, 2022 and 2023.