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What is Roku?

Almost all of us have many times used or seen the phrase Smart TV, and upon hearing this term we usually have a clear picture in our mind of how it might look, but how to describe it?

While the older TV’s functioned basing on the availability of the cable signal, their successor’s combine this with various abilities coming from the connection to the internet.

Smart TV’s combine the features of regular TVs and computers, vastly transcending the capabilities of traditional TV’s. With better processors and networking capabilities, modern TVs can now run actual operating systems, access the internet and download apps.

This increases the convenience of its use and allows users to access external services which is a step towards meeting their growing demands. 

While the beginnings of Smart TV’s market reach start somewhere around 2015 the idea has been circling for significantly longer.  With their obvious additional value to consumers and further improvements being introduced, they have become a staple in almost all these day homes and buying a TV that is not Smart is almost impossible nowadays. In just a couple of years they have dominated the industry and as new versions develop their popularity will rise even further. 

Roku TV in Europe

Roku has already began its expansion over Europe and as a fairly new addition in this region, the biggest struggle is finding accurate competences while searching for developers.

Why is Roku app development a right choice?

For one, it’s a new addition to the platform you operate on.

Roku as a platform itself aggregates numerous applications (channels) giving viewers access e.g. to Apple TV, YouTube.

It’s a chance to enter a new market with CDN services for Telecoms.

It’s an opportunity to broaden client outreach.

Roku offers access to platforms to numerous more users with older devices without Smart TV option.

Roku app development offers various monetization methods.

There are two channel development models available, each with different specifications, suitable for various publishers.

Roku offers a user friendly interface.

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Roku app development for business, who can benefit from it?

As a Roku app development company, we are able to assist our clients in the choice of the most suitable solutions for their projects and we believe that Roku development would benefit everyone and every company looking to broaden their client outreach and wanting to diversify their offer.

Benefits from Roku app developemnt for business
Different models of roku channel development

Models of Roku channel development

There are two ways of Roku app development that are vastly different. The choice between them is very important and will directly influence the performance of the application in regard to the availability of different components and the overall design.

The platform offers the option of custom development using Roku’s SDK and the almost ready-to-go method addressed for less demanding channel owners.

Roku’s Direct publisher

Using the Roku publisher is the easier and cheaper option with no maintenance costs as the application integration with the newest platform updates happens automatically but it obviously has many limitations.

It focuses on the ready to use components so the publisher doesn’t have to make many choices regarding the interface design. These channels look very similar with only slight options in regard of diversification.

Roku app development with scenegraph
Roku Custom Development using Roku's SDK

Roku Custom Development using Roku’s SDK

This model of channel development will definitely be more costly and time-consuming but the possibilities in regard of design, UI and feature customization are almost endless. The channel can be developed to exact specifications required by the client. It needs to be prepared from scratch with utmost care for details such as the usability and performance of the end product.

Benefits of Roku Channel Custom development

Full decisiveness in regard to the
cross-platform UI design

Availability of adding the DRM support system securing the content

Enhancement of user engagement

Various models of access monetization

Advanced user authentication

Third-party analytics

Roku app design 

Roku app design. UX/UI

Designing the Roku app requires many advanced skills, and is more intricate than it may seem which is why it is so important to find appropriate highly skilled developers for Roku projects.

With the custom development method, the Roku app design becomes the choice of the publishers but they should seek guidance regarding the best practices in the UI design to provide the best outcome for the users.

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Roku monetization methods

Roku offers different monetization methods suitable for all content providers.


Inventory split – This method offers a choice of which, when and where the advertisements appear. The channel publisher is responsible for sourcing and setting up its own ad server from which they have to provide a cut of 30% towards Roku but keep the revenue obtained through the remaining 70%. This option provides the availability of ad reports and offers more control over the target of the ads.

Revenue share

In this model, Roku is responsible for 100% of channels ad inventory and they are fully managed by the platform.

The publisher gets 60% of the revenue generated but doesn’t have to maintain the whole process.


Roku pay, available only with the custom channel development option, allows for the implementation of various features such as different time related subscriptions, availability of a free trial period, pay-per-view access and more.

Analytics and measurements

Roku offers a wide variety of analytics tools and reports, but many are available only with a custom implementation.


Each Roku channel has to go through a multi-step certification process in order to reach the platform’s requirements. Our Roku team has completed many projects without any obstacles in this regard. 

Certification of Roku app

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