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Going custom allows you to convert your ideas and implement them straight into the solution. With the right team, the possibilities are endless and anything is possible. Ready to create a one-of-a-kind app personalized to your business?

Video app & streaming solutions for multiple platforms

The viewers expect access to your service on their device of use. With the fast-paced lifestyle that we all have, it takes a lot of effort to catch the attention of the audience and you must utilize each opportunity to impress. We will help you build your tailored path to multiplatformity.

Personality, accessibility, availability

A triade of success!
Keeping in mind what the users think of our solutions and creating the most simple and intuitive paths to take.
Being involved everywhere possible to be there for your viewers everytime and in any place.
Making them feel special with the freshest designs and unique, custom features.

Streaming solutions forcontent distributors & creators

Media agencies
Media agencies
TV providers
TV providers
Sport organizations
Sport organizations
Youtubers & Influencers
Course creators
Course creators
Media personas
Media personas

Better Software Groupa video solution company you can trust

We have a record of over 12 years of delivering successful software solutions for the media industry.
For a while now we have been a part of the Spyrosoft Group and these extended resources allow us to create even more complex end-to-end solutions.

Our goal in every project is to bring your imagination into reality with the use of our skills, converting unique architecture and design into a state-of-the-art, fully functional and easy-to-navigate realizations.

It’s all about the end result – frontend always at the forefront
Some may argue with our thesis, but we believe that Frontend is what makes or breaks the whole vision and experience of the video solution.

– It allows its other parts to function properly, shine and be appreciated by its users. After all, it is what they always see and it influences their reception of the work of many.

-The little twists and creative vision can escalate the experiences and bring the to a new level but a carefully crafted base is what makes the impact.

Be where you are needed

Whether you are looking for options as a content creator or an already established company operating in the media industry, hightening your presence on the market will bring your reach to the next level. From our experience and the knowledge we have gathered through the years, multiplatformity is the answer for all looking to provide their audience access to content on various devices.

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Streaming services development

We can create your video appin 5 simple steps

You bring the ideas and we help you choose the best options for your business case. We believe in transparent communication at every step of the process so that you are an important part of it and are in charge of any changes. We’ll do a summary at each point so that we are on the same page throughout the whole project.


Consulting and planning the project – A properly crafted game plan allows us to structure the process and think through all of the possibilities. We take great care of implementing all of your ideas and demands in a way that is most profitable in the long run.


Creating the design, architecture – Our specialists utilize their knowledge to create the base and the look that will meet your expectations and even exceed them. We take into consideration all of the initial input in order to bring the project to fruition.

Development process

The development process – We look at every task with the highest urgency and attention to detail, we work in the scrum methodology and adjust our working plan according to every upcoming challenge that comes with the development process, all for the achievement of the best possible outcome for our customers.

Delivery and certification

Delivery/Certification – We have finished many projects for international companies and can adjust to any conditions, environment or challenges. All while caring for the result of our work to exceed the user’s expectations in regard to the functionality, performance, design and intuitiveness of our platforms. We take great care so that the finalization of the projects runs smoothly.


Maintenence – The essence of this part is thorough monitoring of the solution, deep care of all of the input processes as well as meticulous bug fixing and implementing new changes in full cooperation with the owner. Great communication and understanding of the app make all the difference and we are here to deliver is on an ongoing basis.

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Customized News & Sports Roku Channel

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Eleven Sports is a modern app for Samsung Smart TV built on Tizen OS using React technology. With our new app, watching sports on TV will be now even more exciting!

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TV 2 Play App

TV 2 Play provides live streaming of TV 2’s linear channels, rental movies, international and Norwegian TV shows, news and live sports.

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