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What is HbbTV?

What is HbbTV?

With today’s ever-developing technologies the TV industry had to make some adjustments into their scope of work in order to stay up to date with the needs of their demanding users. One of them is the HbbTV technology, its term meaning Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV which allows the video content on said TV to be complemented by an app displaying high-quality overlay content.

Moreover, it is described as a global initiative to blend TV broadcasts with internet-based features converting users to the destined content. HbbTV’s beginnings date back to 2010 after which the technology quickly became popularized, rolled out to many countries and through the years overcame several improvements broadening its capabilities.

Our experience

Our competencies include a deep knowledge in many fields, one of the being HbbTv development and its intricacies. We have taken responsibility for many HbbTV projects and delivered fully responsive and modern looking applications to our partners. You can find more in depth descriptions of some of them here:

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How does HbbTV work from the user perspective?

How does HbbTV work from the user perspective?

Two conditions must be met in order for HbbTV to work properly –  the TV or OTT device must support HbbTV and the broadcaster must provide the HbbTV application. From there it goes pretty straightforward, the user gets a pop-up in a convenient to the broadcaster time, which he can select and then view the additional content.

Typically, the whole sequence doesn’t interrupt the viewing experience as the broadcast is still available on the screen.

Why HbbTV?

HbbTV acts as an extra layer of content and adds an extra dimension to the one that would be typically viewed without it. What is more, it is available in many countries all over the world: Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey or United Kingdom. The expansion of HbbTV is still growing and all the time new countries are developing and starting to use HbbTV technology.

HbbTV app development for business

HbbTV is the answer for many of broadcasters and live video content providers needs as it complements the technologies they use best. What is more, HbbTV is a great solution for advertisers and all who want to combine typical broadcast with additional features as a way of user engagement.

Hbbtv app development for business

Benefits of HbbTV app development

Delivery of a broad interactive experience with features like: games, EPG, Education, government information.

The ability to blend together the assets of broadcast and broadband networks.

Growing viewer engagement.

Offering additional value to the content presented through traditional channels.

Market presence and brand awareness reaching different target groups.

With growing number of supporting devices, content providers are able to bypass restrictive proprietary middleware solutions if necessary.

Bridge the interactivity of the internet with the social aspects of watching television.

Growing additional revenue channels through monetization methods.

Educated, data-driven decisions with real-time viewership and analytics.

Having access to broader user analytics


Thanks to the interactive features the users can relocate to any internet location or content, which is a powerful tool for the advertisement market. The information is in reach at a convenient time meaning that it can correlate to the broadcast viewed on screen. The ads can be specifically targeted, for example based on the geographical location.


HbbTV app design and development

The process of designing and developing HbbTV applications requires the in-depth knowledge of this technology as it imposes the involvement of basic mechanisms, meaning that the HTML, JS, CSS as well as the designs have to be simple and coherent in order for the content to be properly displayed on older devices. Our specialists develop projects with the use of advanced technologies and can easily transcribe them into the basic technology stack needed for HbbTV solutions.

HbbTV app design
HbbTV Analytics and measurements

Analytics and measurements

The use of HbbTV applications allows the owner to generate in-depth reports about the users and how they use the app which is proven to be immensely useful for further enhancements and business strategy development.

HbbTV test suite

While the technology offers a tool for testing applications, it doesn’t provide the user with the coverage all of the needed specifications and the assurance and certainty of the solutions future performance. The owner has to rely on the expertise of developers in testing and releasing comprehensive apps for the HbbTV technology.

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