Using your own service for delivering content has multiple benefits for its owners, and while everyone is looking to launch their own app it can many times be a tedious, costly and long process. Fortunately, now there are many solutions to choose from but all of them have their own limitations. Is the novelty of customizable white-label OTT option the answer for all searching for the sweet middle ground between cost efficiency and higher personalization? Will it be the ultimate choice for most smaller companies and organizations?

What is white-label and how has it revolutionized the market of OTT media platforms?

We may not even be aware but in our everyday lives, we come across such platforms quite often. Different versions may look similar or exactly the same in their functionality if we compare the solutions coming from one software manufacturer but in the end, users typically focus on the personalized aspects of the app that catch their eyes.

Off-the-shelf platforms have similar purposes – simplification and high efficiency of the development process. It can be a successful choice for media and entertainment agencies from all branches of the industry, but how exactly does it impact such businesses?

Main benefits

Lowering the costs of development

Investing in custom OTT apps can be not worth the price for many companies, as it may outweigh the income of the freshly developed solution. Utilizing the ready-to-go options is not only cost efficient but the available features can many times answer all of the needs of different investors.

Fast time-to-market

White-label, off-the-shelf, and ready-to-go are only a few adjectives used to describe how fast the solution can be put out into the market. All of the components are pre-adjusted and there are only a few things left to prepare – the choice o features, inputting the branding, etc. which shortens the whole process immensely.

Testing the waters

For the ones not ready to invest in a full custom option but who want to showcase their content to a broader audience with their own platform, it can be the best option to try a new approach.

Simplification of the process

A well-designed base that is market-proven and consists of a variety of pre-developed components is the easiest way to begin building your own OTT application. What is more, you are able to see how different versions of it already perform on the market and easily choose the features accordingly to your needs.

Trustworthy experts

From the very beginning, you can rely on the ones standing behind the process of development as the outcome can be predicted based on the previous client opinions and already released versions.

Less worries about the design process

Even if you are not very familiar with the intricacies of the design process, you can easily adjust the platform to your liking.


If you want to dive into this topic, here is a full article that takes on the advantages of white-label apps.


Adding a personal touch – the new side of known solutions

Although the platform choice shortly described above may be very enticing and answer the needs of many, you may want to add something extra that may not be available in the list of features. Most white-label solutions available on the market cannot withstand such challenges and further customized ones are simply not an option that the manufacturers offer.

It’s already a reality – Better Media Suite with BSG’s custom features

If such opportunities were available, the customer will be able to keep the benefits that are presented with off-the-shelf offerings and upgrade the parts of the app accordingly to their own needs. Fortunately, it is already within reach as Better Software Group with their custom development abilities provides a competitive advantage that can be input into Better Media Suite, a platform created by Better Media Solutions.

What distinguishes customizable white-label

Keeping the benefits of white label  New possibilities 
Cost efficiency More design freedom
Quick development The possibility of the addition of new features
Easy maintenance Expert advisory for new steps of the project
Many choices already available at hand Higher personalization available to end-users
Market-proven software Adding new/fresh/trendy content formats on the go 

Efficiency as the most important aspect

It’s no surprise that white-label is such a popular choice among those looking to make the first step in delivering their content themselves, not reaching for broadly available and mass-used platforms. When we add custom features to the mix it is often the one and only solution that will meet all your OTT needs and save you most of the trouble and costs.