Almost two weeks ago we had the pleasure of being a part of one of the biggest events in the media, entertainment and technology industry – The International Broadcasting Convention. The place where all the greatest minds and personalities of various technologies, companies and initiatives gather to celebrate their latest accomplishments, share their knowledge and create new business relations.

After such a long wait for the face-to-face version of the show, we all had big expectations and as always, IBC did not disappoint. We had the greatest chance to take a deep dive into the freshest news and trends, so for the ones who could not make it to Amsterdam this year, or want to simply refresh their memories, here is a recap of all the hottest topics of this edition of the show!

For the most part, it was all about content – personalized content of course

The demands of users of solutions designed for content delivery are growing each day. We bring them more and they expect even higher excellence. So, what is the field that we can try to have a greater understanding of and develop further to upgrade the experience of our audiences –higher personalization. It is one of our fields of focus and we are not surprised that the search for innovation in this regard brings so much enthusiasm and desire for sharing new discoveries as well as the newest possibilities. We contribute to that by delivering custom multiplatform solutions for a diverse group of devices so that all users can enjoy their favorite content anywhere they want. And definitely there is a lot to offer already but we expect and work on bringing the novelties as the industry grows. There is much to look forward to, so don’t sleep on this topic.

Interest in AVOD is on the rise

The tide is flowing towards bringing more free access materials to the table, all while still generating high revenue, the answer for that is widely known and gaining more and more popularity, specifically Advertising-based-video-on-demand. Even the biggest players are slowly bringing such options to their offer and testing the new waters, such as Netflix which plans to incorporate the new partially ad-based model by the end of 2022. It only shows how powerful of a resource it can be in the paid-subscription-dominated market. With more demand and AVOD solutions, there is more need for their implementation, and we are happy that something that is a great part of our work is appreciated.

And to no surprise, FASTs are becoming a staple

It is no longer a hush chatter, FASTs are coming to the forefront of the newest trends and the industry is booming with talk about the new methods of its implementation into well-known solutions as well as creating new ones for that purpose. The option that is described as a mix of streaming and linear TV is quickly becoming the favorite choice of many viewers, and as many companies are catching up to the trend, there is definitely still a large demand that is awaiting to be filled and utilized for revenue. BSG is ready for that change and this topic, and its development has been on our radar for a long time, so our specialists are up to date with the best ways of development.

Not to forget about Targeted TV, it was a big part of the talk

When the typical app model is not enough, it is time for targeted advertisements to shine, and now the time for that is better than ever. With our minds being blasted with different information almost any second of the day it is vital to present only relevant to the users’ materials during any commercial breaks. Correctly analyzing and defining the audience’s interest based on its behavior and gathered data is the key to success and allows for catching the attention, which as we know is nowadays a very hard task. Any innovative approach can change the landscape of such solutions and that is what we all are searching for and Better Software Group is creating to make viewing experiences complete, influential and profitable.

Last but definitely not least – Cloud Adoption

Each enterprise is looking to mitigate its risks and lower costs on many grounds while still maintaining the highest possible quality of offered solutions. Although Cloud Computing is a widely known term and such initiatives are highly popular there is still room for improvements and that is what was on the tongues of many attendees of IBC. Greater security, optimizing data storage, benefits of scalability – there is much to uncover, and the market is eagerly waiting for any news in that department. We are on top of that subject and are always ready to discuss it further.

After the show

The intensive couple days of IBC have brought us all much knowledge, a greater understanding of current trends and fresh inspiration for new endeavors. Knowing what is up in the industry is not only very interesting but also informative and it can be utilized in our daily work. Everyone is already thinking about the next edition of IBC and you can be sure that Better Software Group will be there, as always, better than ever.