White label is an arrangement in which items are produced by one company in a way that allows another company to market them as their own products. The concept enables brands to expand their offerings and gain competitiveness without unnecessary cost and risk.

Such an agreement is nothing new in the world of business, but many people don’t realize it also lends well to software development. Companies that want to offer digital products or services but don’t have the required resources can either outsource the development of software or take advantage of white-label services.

White label app development enables successful brands to quickly start offering a service outside of their expertise – without the know-how necessary to build the technology and infrastructure. 

White label apps are basically ready-made templates that enable an easy foray into the digital territory. This offers many benefits. In this post, we take a look at some of the key benefits of the concept.

What are the advantages of white label apps?

At the most basic level, white label products allow resellers to easily rebrand them. The same applies to app development. Companies can easily make the look of white label apps align with their brand by slapping a logo and color scheme on them. White label apps can be used as a springboard to explore a completely new branch business. When the business proves successful, it could indicate a clear need for ongoing development of the app.

Get your business up to speed

Because the world is increasingly mobile and connected, companies looking for ways to expand their offering but keep consistent branding should definitely consider white label apps. This holds true especially for big, trusted brands which could vastly benefit from expanding their offering while keeping the company’s name on all its products.

White label is a great idea when your business is doing well, but you’re only looking for a way to offer additional features for your customers. Big brands are already doing it. White label development appeals to many non-tech businesses as it allows them to avoid the common beginner pitfalls and unnecessary costs of development.

Today, almost every respectable brand offers a mobile app of some sort. This is not just a temporary trend: mobile usage has vastly surpassed desktop usage. People now spend more than five hours a day looking at their smartphones.

Leave it to the experts

Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporation, white label is a fast lane to offering your first digital product. Partnering with a specialized developer not only reduces the time to market, but also minimizes the risk of failure – especially if you’re looking to develop a specialized app.

Leave the development to the experts while you tend to your core business and grow your sales. Building new software takes a lot of energy and time, especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

With white label, you benefit from your software partner’s experience and resources. Some providers offer fantastic software solutions which could take you years to develop – with no guarantee of success.

It saves you money

White label apps are simply cheaper than hiring good professionals and keeping them a part of the company to provide ongoing support for the app. A white label solution is much more cost-effective and beneficial for your business.

With white label software, you can minimize the time and money needed to launch your business.

Cheaper maintenance after the release

Your white label developer will provide support and maintenance for the app. This takes a lot of responsibilities off your shoulders and ensures that it’s done correctly. This post-release maintenance is important as it may require updating the code if an issue arises in the initial versions.

Highly customizable

White label apps allow granular customization options to better align the app with your client’s brand image. But this comes handy when a client wants a product or service that’s fully integrated with the other systems, as well as website and social media platforms etc.

Overall, white labeling is a great idea for businesses or entrepreneurs to fit the needs of their clients and provide a high-quality personalized product.

Finding a reliable white label app developer

When you’re planning to launch your first app, finding a good white label app developer is half the battle. Ideally, you are looking for a company that will be your true partner – offering advice and valuable insights to help you build an app that wins over your customers.

There are companies on the market that have been in the development game for decades. There is no way you could compete with them by starting from scratch. Going for a white label app gives you a headstart: the benefit of the developer’s experience in the space and the know-how. Developing software can be a risky endeavor and requires a lot of resources to build, maintain and improve.

They let you test the app and help you decide if it’s what you need

White label apps give you the unique possibility to test them before you decide it’s what would best work for your business. Look for a partner that already has a working product, whether it is a software or a service.

Make sure your provider lets you thoroughly test the app, and inquire what level of customization is possible to make it better fit your business needs. Do they continuously improve their product and provide ongoing support? Are they willing to make improvements based on your suggestions? Is it user-friendly?

Check your provider’s track record

Check your potential provider’s reputation in the industry: read Clutch reviews and review their portfolio to see if they have the experience they claim they do.

Better Software Group and The Better

At Better Software Group, we have seen an increased demand for our white label app development services over the years. Our most ambitious white label product to date is The Better (formerly PlayBetter). 

The Better is a multimedia web solution compatible with multiple OTT (Over-The-Top) and Smart TV platforms. It organises and presents audiovisual content in an attractive and user-friendly way across smart TVs and mobile devices.

The BetterThe Better 2

The software is offered to content providers as a white label product and thanks to its advanced features can be easily customized to the specific needs of the client:

  1. Customization options allowing to adjust the appearance of client applications. The Better was designed to enable easy configuration of both the visual and functional side of the application. There is even a visual editor that allows you to adjust the look and feel of most menu items.
  2. Easy to use and intuitive CMS allows even non-technical people to fine-tune the visual and functional features of the platform.
  3. It enables creating and managing multiple TV/VOD application screens without unnecessary coding and integration.
  4. It is provided with a number of ready integration scenarios for the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Access Systems (CAS) and Content Delivery Systems (CDS).

The design of the platform significantly shortens the process of development and distribution of future versions of the application.

Last words

If you’re considering the development of an app in the white label format, drop us a line and schedule a call with our representative to see what we can do for you.