Over-the-top (OTT) solutions are still the basis for most online streaming, and while the market is booming with novelties and there are plenty of choices regarding such content distribution, the investors should be alert when choosing the right platform for them. It is easy to fall for the best branding and advertising and many times we need to go back to the basics and look deeper into how the app performs. Let’s dive deep into the topics most crucial for delivering exquisite viewing experiences with every OTT solution.

Let’s go back to the basics – What is OTT?

Otherwise, Over-The-Top refers to any service utilizing the internet connection to focus on delivering media content (video, audio or other formats) to the audience. As the name suggests, OTT derives from its first form of use, being an add-in over the standard cable offering which has now formed an entirely separate platform standing on its own. So how is it different than VOD? They are similar in allowing the viewers to freely choose which content and when they want to enjoy it, but OTT also provides the possibility of streaming live events.

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Tuning up your OTT platform – a recipe for success

It is best to remember that sometimes tuning up does not mean major changes and playing up to the trends. Often the case is vastly different and some subtle adjustments may result in an amazing outcome. Each solution needs basic features which create the whole platform ecosystem. The first step is to always check if all operations run smoothly, efficiently and all the possible paths and interactions are easy to understand for users, the rest, as important as it is, mostly relies on the basic, vital functionalities.

Ever-changing demands – listen to your audience

With plenty of options on the market, all of us became accustomed to their presence and how they work. Such experiences allowed the audiences to seek what fits their needs best so the wisest thing to do is to listen to their demands and requirements. Analyzing users’ interactions and tendencies can showcase where each solution is lacking and which parts are well adjusted and satisfy all the needs.

Best experts – the key choice

Building a solution from scratch is sometimes challenging even for the most experienced specialists, which is why you should trust the ones seasoned in their craft but in touch with all the best practices, trends, and novelties, capable of utilizing them to your advantage.

Proper architecture – saving the time of content management

We need to remember that not all the people using the end-product will be technically advanced so all the management features available to admins should be simple to navigate and intuitive. The tools necessary for day-to-day use need clarity and should correspond with the overall design of the app to help avoid confusion.


Allowing the owner to make simple changes on his/her/their own while the solution is already in use provides them more freedom in customizing the app on the daily basis without the need for further development prolonging the process. On the other hand, giving users access to suggestions based on what they already watched generates more of their engagement. Furthermore, any other functionalities, different content formats and possibilities to discover are a great addition and a fresh wave in the world of solutions for content delivery.

UX/UI – user experience in mind

Always, and we mean it, always look for improvements in seemingly the simplest way – analyzing how the audience uses the app. Is it intuitive? Is it easy to find the way to each component or do they have to search through each subpage? Which design suits the app better and provides more clarity? Do you cover all of the grounds on accessibility or if so are there any new ways of improvement? All of that comes to the UX/UI so do your research, rely on the knowledge of specialists, try different approaches, do not be shy to seek guidance and focus on keeping up to date with all the news in the industry.

Maintenance and upgrades

Waiting out on bringing your app to the or above market level will only hurt you in the long run and any difficulty in use or lack of broadly available features may discourage the audience, as a result lowering the success of your app and collected revenue. Maintenance and keeping up with the vital changes or issues will save you the worries that you may have in the future, so definitely don’t sleep on that.

After all – It’s all about the end-result

Focusing on all of the topics listed above will not only help you with the day-to-day performance of your solution but bring you closer or to achieving OTT excellence. The end result is all that matters and everyone will judge the full product, especially the ones not technically savvy. All features in the ecosystem must coexist and function together to let the other parts shine.