Roku Direct Publisher is a Roku platform that enables content producers and publishers to debut streaming channels without encoding. Its goal is to make the process of introducing video content into the Roku ecosystem easier. However, time is limited as Roku plans to discontinue Direct Publisher soon. Dig deeper into the article and find out what the alternatives are and what you can do next. 

Direct Publisher Channels and their importance 

In 2016, Roku launched a complimentary platform named Roku Direct Publisher, aiming to empower content creators and distributors to easily establish and distribute their streaming channels on Roku devices. The creators can do this without coding knowledge or having technical expertise. Over time, the platform began to grow and became an ideal place for various companies, independent film producers, and even churches. Roku Direct Publisher played a significant role in the evolution and expansion of the streaming landscape for several reasons: 

Democratization of content publishing

Before tools like Roku Direct Publisher, launching a channel on platforms like Roku often required specialized knowledge in coding and app development. Direct Publisher simplified this process, enabling content creators without technical backgrounds to get their content onto Roku’s platform. 

Monetization opportunities

Roku Direct Publisher integrated seamlessly with Roku’s advertising framework. This allowed content creators to monetize their content easily, providing them with revenue streams that might have been more challenging to establish independently. 

Enhanced user experience

For the end user, Roku Direct Publisher meant more content variety. Moreover, since Direct Publisher mandated certain quality and organizational standards, users could expect a relatively consistent experience across different channels.

The most important dates regarding Direct Publisher

Roku stated that they chose to eliminate the Direct Publisher channels to refine the Roku OS and accelerate the introduction of new platform features that aim to please both developers and viewers. 

Please note the following deadlines: 

As of July 12, 2023, the ability to create new channels via the Direct Publisher tool has ended. However, existing channels through Direct Publisher will continue to operate until January 12, 2024. 

On January 12, 2024, Direct Publisher will terminate its services. As a result, all channels associated with Direct Publisher will be withdrawn from the Roku platform. 

How can we help you further?

To facilitate this change, Roku has kindly introduced a tool to help transition your Direct Publisher application to the SDK format. However, even though it may sound relatively easy, your best option is to contact experts like those at Better Software Group. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you comprehensively.  

As an official third-party Roku partner, we have already prepared 3 plans that you can customize according to your needs and budget:

SceneGraph  This solution offers a similar client experience as Roku Direct. We handle metadata migration, conversion, and app deployment. Analytics come solely from Roku while content hosting stays with the client.
Singular Roku Channel  It provides direct stream access, branding modification options, and is designed for clients with a single Live/FAST channel. It offers analytics from both Roku and Firebase, with content hosting remaining on the client’s side.
Whitelabel  It offers branding flexibility, allows for unlimited channels and lists, and analytics are sourced from Roku and Firebase. Clients have the option to host content either on their side or with us. Whitelabel can be effortlessly expanded to various OTT platforms.

Time is of the essence, and as January 12th swiftly approaches, now is the prime moment to initiate the transition. Stay a step ahead and don’t be taken by surprise by Roku’s forthcoming changes. Your channel’s best days are still ahead. Let’s make sure of it!

Reach out to us today and let’s work together to future-proof your channel.