VOD App for Kids

An easy-to-use application on Roku that adjusts the content to the child's age.

Solution: VOD app
Platforms: Roku TV
Release date: 2021

Vod app for kids on Roku

About client's company

The project was created for a Nordic company with many years of working in the video industry. They provide their partners with a combination of solutions and products in order to help them build, deliver and grow an engaging video experience.

Project goal

The main project goal is to help the company deliver a kid-friendly video application with the content created specifically for them- mainly educational programs, animated movies and DIY projects described by children for children.

The content had to be divided into three different age categories: 2-4 which includes early learning and speech, language and social-emotional development, 5-7 containing literacy and motor skill development and 8-10 years which consists of more diverse content with topics like STEM knowledge or art and music.

Roles in the project

The client – provided the graphics, designs and UX.

Better Software Group – responsible for building a comprehensive Roku TV application and providing an end-to-end solution, guiding the application development through different phases from the architecture to the official Roku certification.

Team members involved: 2 developers and a Tech Lead 

Roku app for children
VOD content for kids

General problem

The biggest challenge was dealing with the support for the older devices with the Roku 3 operating system.

We also faced some difficulties with design implementation. In some places, the text was supposed to be in bold, but the platform didn’t offer such a choice. While we were working on the project, the system was updated to the 10,5 version which allowed for more freedom in regard to editing the text.

Additionally, we had to implement a solution for logging in with the use of Roku account – while doing so a pop-up appears, asking if the user wants to use the Roku account or other e-mail address.

What we have learned

– We have broadened our Roku Team – one person started working with the development of the platform applications

– We have gained experience with building a bigger, more complicated and complex Roku application

-We have learnt how to build applications for a very specific target group. The app had to be kid-friendly, so we had to focus on the UX, and a smooth, straight-forward navigation process


We have created a modern-looking, comprehensive and highly responsive application.

It allows parents to create sub-accounts for their children with content adequate for their age, they have control over the application and the possibility of adding a watch-time limit which works as a screen pop-up that prevents children from consuming the content without limits. The users can prolong the time limit by inputting the previously created password into the application.

The application has a LIVE channel, with content chosen by the broadcaster. The users have the possibility of adding channels and materials to their favorite list and searching and exploring new and different content. We had to create a new functionality – containing audio content and podcasts.

The application is free and can be found on different platforms. The revenue is generated by the use of advertisements. The certification process went off without a hitch.

We are glad that we were a part of a project that plays such a huge role in the education and overall development process of children!

Little kid watching videos on Roku