About TV2

TV2 is the biggest commercial television broadcaster in Norway. TV2 was launched in 1992 and is headquartered in Bergen with additional offices in Oslo, Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Stavanger and Hamar.

The main TV 2 channel is the second largest in Norway, and the largest privately founded channel. In addition to the main channel, TV 2 has a broad offer with several genre-based channels, adapted to different areas of interest: TV 2 News channel, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Humor, TV 2 Lifestyle, TV 2 Sport 1, TV 2 Sport 2 and TV 2 Sport Premium. In their offer, the company has TV 2 Sumo which is a natural extension of TV 2’s linear offering with exclusive content and access to TV 2’s archive. Additionally, customers can enjoy tv2.no that delivers news on the Internet for free throughout the day and is one of the country’s largest websites.

Project Goal

TV2 came up with an idea to create a proprietary news app for their viewers. The app should be available on mobile devices for iOS and Android. Given the company’s expertise which lies in delivering video experience to their audience the app should display the news as video content. TV 2 wanted to follow a trend of increased video consumption.

Roles in the project

TV2 – End Client, Product Owner, Software Development, Product Management, UX/UI Design

Better Software Group – Software Development, Mobile iOS and Android, Automated Testing, Solution Provider





General Problem

TV2 as a well-known Scandinavian broadcaster has a strong expertise in delivering news to their viewers. Until now the main channel for news delivery was television of course. With viewing trends shifting and users choosing streaming apps along with mobile-first approach, TV2 decided to open new channel – a news mobile app. Doing what TV 2 does best, delivering video experience, the decision was made to display news in a form of short videos. Having previously worked with Better Software Group, TV 2 new they can trust us with video development project and that we can well support their team with our competences.

What We Have Learnt

  • On this project our team worked along with TV 2 software development team. It is always a great experience for our specialists to work closely with client’s team. Thanks to that we can learn the Scandinavian way of working, their business ethics and can better understand each other what later results in delivering an even better final product.
  • We had yet another experience developing a mobile app with vertical video content and Instagram Stories-like features.


Together with TV2 we delivered video news mobile app for Android and iOS. It displays different kind of news, highlights breaking news. The breaking news section appears on the occasion of shocking news. We implemented the highlights section which has different kind of news displayed in different colours (eg. sport news have blue background) so it’s easy to tell the kind of news apart.

The apps were developed with the use of Kotlin + MVVM + Coroutines for Android and RxSwift + MVVM + Coordinators for iOS.