TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App

TV 2 Nyhetene is a customized news app delivering content in the form of videos optimized for mobile viewing.

Link: TV2
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release date: 2019

TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App
TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App

About TV2

TV2 is the biggest commercial television broadcaster in Norway. The company was launched in 1992 and is headquartered in Bergen with additional offices in Oslo, Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Stavanger and Hamar.

The main TV2 channel is the second largest in Norway, and the largest privately owned channel in the country. In addition to the main channel, TV2 has a broad offer with several genre-based channels, adapted to different areas of interest: TV2 News, TV2 Zebra, TV2 Humor, TV2 Lifestyle, TV2 Sport 1, TV2 Sport 2 and TV2 Sport Premium. The company also provides TV2 Sumo, which is a natural extension of TV2’s linear offering with exclusive content and access to TV2’s archive. Viewers can also enjoy the online site, which delivers news on the Internet for free throughout the day and is one of the country’s biggest websites.

Project goal

TV2 as a well-known Scandinavian broadcaster has strong expertise in delivering news to their viewers through television.

With more and more people choosing to consume the news on mobile phones rather than on inmobile TVs, the company decided to open a new additional content streaming channel – a dedicated news mobile app.

The app had to be available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Following the trend of increased video consumption nowadays – the key feature was to display the news in the form of short videos.

Having previously worked with Better Software Group, TV2 was more than ready to undertake this project again with us.

Roles in the project

TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App

Client’s side:

TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App

Better Software Group:

TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App

TV2 Nyhetene Mobile App


Working together with TV2, we have delivered a comprehensive video news mobile app for Android and iOS. The app shows different types of news and highlights the breaking ones.

The breaking news section appears on the occasion of “shocking” news. In the highlights section, different types of news are displayed in different colors (e.g. sports news has a blue background), making it easier to distinguish what type of news is being watched at the time.

The apps were developed with the use of Kotlin + MVVM + Coroutines for Android and RxSwift + MVVM + Coordinators for iOS.

What we have learned

We worked closely with TV2’s software development team on this project. It is always a fulfilling experience for our specialists to work closely with the client’s team. By doing so, we can learn about the Scandinavian working culture and, as a result, we can better understand each other’s communication flow. This had a big influence on the results of our work as communication is the key to solving any issues.

What was also lucrative for us in this project is that we had yet another experience developing a mobile app with vertical video content and Instagram Reels/Stories-like features – which is one of the hottest trends on the internet nowadays.