is a new platform for live broadcasting via social media like Facebook or YouTube. The app allows its users to conduct complex live broadcasts using images, pre-recorded video, and streams from multiple mobile devices.

Platforms: Web, mobile
Release date: 2019 Social Media Live Streaming Social Media Live Streaming

About is a SaaS platform that allows making and streaming interactive live videos to social media (Facebook and YouTube). The tool enables the professional creation of visually attractive, engaging live-streaming videos with the simple use of a web browser. eliminates the need for expensive equipment and sophisticated software programs.

Project goal

The main goal was to crate a web tool from scratch.

We needed a platform that was easy to use – even for people who had never edited or broadcast video before.

Roles in the project

Better Software Group: Social Media Live Streaming Social Media Live Streaming Social Media Live Streaming


We built a web and mobile application that lets anyone with a browser create professional live broadcasts.

As a result of the solution’s many useful features, no technical knowledge, special software, or equipment installation is required.

Our solution includes:

  • Complete interactive live broadcast studio implemented entirely in a browser,
  • Interactive live broadcast using images, pre-recorded videos, streams from multiple cameras, graphics and interactive overlays, ready to send to social media,
  • Possibility to run surveys, quizzes, contests, and many more.