About LIVEACT.me

Liveact.me is a SaaS platform that allows making and streaming interactive live videos to social media (Facebook and YouTube). The tool enables vast and professional creation of visually attractive, engaging live-streaming videos with a simple use of a web browserLiveact.me makes professional equipment and sophisticated software programs redundant.

The user can create different live video forms, from simple live streams with static background images to complex live broadcasts using images, pre-recorded video and streams from multiple mobile devices. As well as add graphic and interactive layers and run surveys, quizzes, contests, etc.

Project Goal

The main goal was to provide a web tool for live broadcast via social media like Facebook or YouTube. The platform have to be easy-to-use for everyone, does not require technical knowledge and increasing viewership of real-time broadcasts.

Roles in the Project

Better Software Group– Product Owner, Project Management, Product Management, Solution Provider, App Development

General Problem

  • Potential recipients of each message are bombarded with a huge number of other information, advertisements, incentives. Everyone wants to compete for their attention and time. 
  • Social media platforms constantly limit the organic range.
  • Everyone (company, organization, individuals) is so faced with an increasingly difficult challenge. 

Problems Solved in the Project

  • complete interactive live broadcasts studio implemented entirely in a browser using innovative technologies
  • Easy to use – few drag&drops and clicks – and the interactive live broadcast using imagespre-recorded videosstreams from multiple camerasgraphic and interactive overlays is ready to send to social media


Better Software Group created an easy-to-use web application that allows anyone who can use the browser to create professional live broadcasts using camera streams, video materials, images, graphics, and interaction.​ It does not require technical knowledge, installation of dedicated software, or purchase of equipment.​