Gonzo application is an iOS, Android and Web application for independent video- creators. The main technology used in the project was cross-platform technology - Flutter.

Solution: Streaming service
Client: Gonzo
Platforms: Web, iOS, Android
Release date: 2020

About Gonzo

Gonzo is a streaming service and entertainment platform created by young people for young people.

The main goal is to increase the creativity of video makers, give fans new opportunities to participate, and create award-winning series that set new standards of entertainment for young people in Denmark.

The idea of creating such a platform come up in 2019, and it was meant to be an alternative to platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

Project goal

The main goal of this project was to create a user-friendly application for iOS, Android, and Web streaming and entertaining platform.

The app has to combine video platforms and communication functions. Also, it has to be very intuitive for creators and users.

Roles in the project

Gonzo – End Client, Product Owner, Project Management, Product Management

Better Software Group – Mobile and Web app development, Solution Provider, Consultancy

General problem

During the creation process, we realized that creating such an application is a real challenge nowadays. The Gonzo app had to be something fresher than existing platforms. We had to create a useful application, with user- friendly interface.

Moreover, the chosen technology, which in this case is Flutter, is still something new in the technology market. With full cooperation with our client, we had established the best plan for the development process to use every advantage of Flutter.

What we have learned

– We have learned more about Flutter technology. How to use it properly and take every advantage of it to create cross-platform applications.

– We definitely learned more about live video platforms. We got to know the patterns and relations and how Flutter in this position “can do the work”.


We launched a responsive and user-friendly application for iOS, Android, and Web platforms. We used Flutter technology to be up to date, and create fresh solutions for live streamers and followers.

After subscription, the followers are able to watch personalized live video content. Also, the subscriber is able to communicate with the creator via the platform and the creator is able to moderate the discussion.