eCreation Media TV Platform Development

eCreation Media Technology needed extra hands when creating a VOD platform for their client. Together we joined forces and accelerated the development process.

Client: eCreation
Platforms: Mobile, TV app
Release date: 2019

eCreation Media TV Platform Development
eCreation Media TV Platform Development

About eCreation Media Technology

eCreation Media Technology specializes in video integration and UX design across TV, web, tablets, and mobile. The company is experienced in Satellite, Terrestrial & Cable, IP Television middleware, DRM, OTT video delivery, and CDN.

eCreation is also known for building cutting-edge products with great UI and for using our range of IPR in MediaRoom and other TV systems.

Project goal

eCreation Media Technology was developing a VOD platform for their client and needed extra hands to speed up the development process.

The main goal was to build a VOD platform with all the required functionalities. Continuous communication made it possible for us to keep track of project changes on a day-to-day basis and deliver the project on time.

General problem

During the project development, eCreation’s customer decided to introduce much more functionalities than originally planned. So the main problem was simply… The lack of time.

Our team at Better Software Group greatly accelerated the process of adding new features. As a result, we delivered a player, details screens, and a user profile management module. We have also developed a functional purchase flow for renting and buying movies, TV shows, programs, and live channels.

Roles in the project

eCreation Media TV Platform Development

Client’s side:


Better Software Group:

eCreation Media TV Platform Development

eCreation Media TV Platform Development

Problems solved in the project

One of the biggest challenges was frequent changes to the project scope and requirements. Sometimes tasks were assigned at last-minute notice due to the dynamics of the project. We needed to be incredibly flexible.

Moreover, many functionalities were required to be delivered in a short period of time. We effectively managed that by analyzing provided changes (to avoid regressions and errors), and by allocating tasks based on the knowledge and resources of the team members.

What we have learned

We have learned how to maintain a smooth cooperation flow working with people located in different time zones all over the world – the United States, England, Poland, and Singapore.

And most importantly, we had the opportunity to exchange valuable knowledge with various foreign industry experts.


Together with eCreation Media Technology we delivered a VOD platform consisting of:

  • Movie player, TV series player, Live player with an option to change audio/subtitles;
  • EPG functionality;
  • Movie / TV series details screen;
  • In-app purchase option (movies, TV series, TV programs, live channels);
  • User login screen;
  • Multiple user profiles within a single account.

The project was developed with the use of Java, MVVM architecture + Data Binding. ExoPlayer and TheoPlayer were used as asset players for the application.