Ipla Samsung Tizen App

Ipla is a cross-platform application for smart TV. Development was done with the use of Smart TV Alliance. Thanks to that, this single application is now available on two different platforms - Tizen and WebOS.

Client: Ipla
Platforms: Tizen App
Release date: 2019

streaming platform on Roku TV
streaming platform on Roku TV
streaming platform on Roku TV

About our client

Ipla is a polish VoD platform and internet television. The owner – Cyfrowy Polsat is a Polish cable TV. The platform was launched in 2008, and two years after it was used by 2 million viewers.

The platform allows users to watch live-streaming programs in HD quality, as well as movies, TV series, shows, and sports events. In 2008 many streaming platforms did not distribute the content legally, but as Ipla supported the action “Watch Legal” – it had all rights for distribution.

Access to Ipla resources is possible through the ipla.tv website and through applications available for the following systems: Windows, Windows 8, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, Windows Phone, Smart TV: Panasonic Viera, Samsung, Sony TV, LG, Toya cable TV application, PlayStation 3 console, and Netia Player.

Ipla also offers several thematic packages, such as Ipla Premium, Ipla Sport, Ipla NetTV, Ipla Extra, Ipla Premiery, Ipla Mix, Cartoon Network, and Filmbox Live.

Project goal

The client wanted to create a cross-platform application for smart TV based on the web application. That meant the application on smart TV had to have a full catalog of events, series, movies, and other types of content. Also, we had to add specific features such as payments, that had to be supported by any type of smart TV (regardless of brand).

General problem

As the app was to include a wide range of movies, TV series, sports events, and live broadcasts, we went to great lengths to ensure that the app had the finest possible UX design.

The app also had to be supported by all types of smart TV’s, regardless of the manufacturer, as each company uses a different operating system for their TV devices.

Roles in the project

streaming platform on Roku TV

Cyfrowy Polsat:

streaming platform on Roku TV

Better Software Group:

streaming platform on Roku TV

streaming platform on Roku TV

Problems solved in the project

Using the Smart TV Alliance, we created a smart TV application that can be run on two different platforms (Samsung Tizen and WebOS).

What was achieved

We successfully developed user – friendly Smart TV application, which is available on platforms supporting Samsung Tizen and WebOS.

We used React.js, TypeScript, Redux, Axios to build the front-end of the app.

In the project, we also integrated API from the client’s back-end to provide different payment options, so users can now easily pay for a one-time entry or a full subscription.