Wrocław, Poland, August 17, 2022
Better Software Group (BSG) and Tiledmedia will show their joint solution for multiview streaming at IBC in Amsterdam, 9-12 September. The “Mosaic Multiview” technology allows combining virtually unlimited streams on a single screen for a highly interactive user experience. The joint solution allows building unique and engaging experiences in a time
that younger generations seek to engage and interact with sports and music content.

The technology is demonstrated at Better Software Group’s IBC booth, 5.A55. The new partnership enables market-leading end-to-end streaming solutions that shows (infinite) feeds all in one screen. Users can decide themselves watch camera feed to follow with their personalized experience.

Let the audience decide. Show every camera stream in a football match and not just a director’s cut. Each user can follow their favorite players, the goal and the also see whole fields. All within a customizable, interactive app.

The partnership between BSG and Tiledmedia provides an efficient and complete multiview integration. BSG specializes in the development of multiplatform streaming, VOD/OTT, and TV solutions, as well as a white-label OTT platform. Combined with Tiledmedia’s expertise in streaming technology, Tiledmedia’s Mosaic Multiview technology, makes infinite moving feeds on one screen possible. Their technology ensures extensive personalization, smooth switching, and synchronized feeds, ideal both for live and on-demand streaming providers.

The combination of our expertise and skillsets allows us to create more complex and highly innovative solutions that meet the greatest market standards. Our white-label platform Better Media Suite is a perfect match with the offering of Tiledmedia, especially with further customization which is our main domain. Together we are able to bring qualities that are very rare in the industry and the quickest time-to-market, greater customization
accustomed to specific needs and providing engaging features to the end users are only a few of them.
said Bartłomiej Lozia, the CEO of Better Software Group.

Tiledmedia’s focus on innovative streaming software is a great match with Better Software Group’s extensive user experience solutions for OTT platforms. Together we  deliver advanced streaming experiences that are fun, highly interactive, personalised and extremely scalable.I am looking forward to our first joint Mosaic Multiview deployment, enabling viewers to interact with many video streams on a single screen!
said Frits Klok, CEO of Tiledmedia.