Axinom, a recognized leader in video streaming backends, and Better Software Group (BSG), a Polish enterprise known for its expertise in front-end video solutions and integration services, have formally announced the integration of Axinom Mosaic into BSG’s OTT platform. This strategic collaboration will enable BSG to extend a comprehensive backend solution using Axinom’s product, Mosaic, thereby further enhancing the capabilities of BSG’s frontends and applications.

Axinom Mosaic is renowned for its modular, API-driven architecture, supported by comprehensive documentation and a progressive technological foundation, including GraphQL and RabbitMQ. Its scalable architecture facilitates extensive customization, granting frontend applications efficient access to metadata and content via Mosaic’s suite of APIs. This streamlined approach ensured a smooth integration process for BSG.

BSG’s platform stands as a testament to cutting-edge technological advancement in the video streaming domain. The platform seamlessly combines front-end expertise with integrated solutions to deliver an unparalleled OTT user experience. Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today’s VOD landscape, the platform prides itself on its user-centric interface, adaptive streaming capabilities, and robust infrastructure. Through its strategic partnerships, such as the integration with Axinom Mosaic, BSG continues to elevate its offering, ensuring clients have access to the most advanced and reliable tools in the industry.

“At Better Software Group, our unwavering commitment to technical excellence drives us to continuously enhance user experiences and redefine the possibilities of Video-on-Demand (VOD),” says Krzysztof Musial, Head Of Technology. “Integrating Axinom Mosaic felt like a no-brainer from the start. With this integration, we can offer a more accessible and richer experience towards a better user experience”.

“We’re proud that Axinom Mosaic enables Better Software Group to continue to streamline its frontend efforts in OTT, allowing them to focus on viewer experience with a sound backend foundation” says Stefanie Schuster. “This partnership will greatly benefit any organization looking to build or modernize their streaming platform with a combination of robust backend and frontend.”

About Better Software Group
Based in Poland, Better Software Group is a frontrunner in technological solutions, dedicated to advancing user experiences across a spectrum of platforms and devices. With over a decade of industry leadership, BSG remains at the forefront of innovations in the VOD and streaming sectors.

About Axinom
Axinom specializes in offering software solutions for content-centric platforms. Collaborating with global media, broadcast, and telecommunication entities, Axinom addresses challenges in content preparation, management, protection, and distribution.
Axinom Mosaic, the company’s flagship platform, enables efficient backend development through adaptable services, encompassing essential digital workflows for encoding, content management, security via multi-DRM, and monetization.