The Better Radio – Roku TV

The Better Radio is a set of ready-to-manage applications that deliver audio content on Roku TV.

Solution: TV application
Client: Product by Better Software Group
Platforms: Roku TV
Release date: 2021

Better Software Group app on Roku TV

About The Better Radio and Roku

The Better Radio is a solution, developed by the Better Software Group, for presenting audio content on smart TVs, mobile devices, websites, and many other platforms in the single and multitenant models. It is an end-to-end solution that offers high-quality features such as analytics, content monetization, CMS, live streams, and white label apps.
The solution has a set of tools with which it is possible to create, design, and introduce changes in the appearance of applications on various platforms without the need to change the application code. Thanks to this, you do not need to re-publish the application on stores, web servers, or take other actions.

Roku is a leading US-based manufacturer of hardware digital media players and smart TVs. It’s also a fast-growing streaming platform that is already very popular in the USA. It is set to roll out its technology and services to the European market. Roku’s devices offer simple access to streaming content from services such as Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and Prime Video. Its users can choose from more than 150,000 movies and episodes.

Project goal

Better Software Group, after a successful attempt of launching their first OTT app on the Roku platform, decided to develop their next application called The Better Radio. With all gained experience, experts from BSG were given a task to create an application, which will allow to upload audio files, share live streaming, and create radio stations channels on set-top box Roku.

Roles in project

Better Software Group – Built an application on Roku TV from scratch and provided an end-to-end solution. From architecture, through design, communication between components, to the official certification from Roku.

Streaming video app The Better

What we have learned

– We strengthened our skills in developing applications on Roku.
– We have become convinced that the mechanisms and functionalities we used in programming on Roku work correctly.


We battle-tested our backend and frontend development on a still slightly less popular platform. Our second app on Roku was made more effective and much faster than our first project The Better video streaming service. At first, we thought, that programming apps on this platform will be hard and more complicated, but after creating 2 apps from scratch, we found great potential in it and we are looking forward to building more applications to the Channel Store!