Music & Podcasts App on Roku

An audio content streaming app on Roku, with a new Roku pay function!

Solution: Audio Streaming App
Client: Under NDA
Platforms: Roku TV
Release date: 2022

Roku Music app

About client's company

The company is located in the Nordics and for many years now has been offering products and services related to broadly described video, they help leaders in the industry in building and the delivery of a comprehensive video experience. They focus on the innovative approach and guiding their clients through projects in order to help them stay ahead of the trends.

Project goal

The project focus was on the creation of a modern, user-friendly, high-performance, full-scale application intended for audio content including music, lectures, podcasts, auditions and more for the Roku platform, similar to the already existing version available on Fire TV.

Roles in the project

The client – provided the graphics, designs and UX.

Better Software Group – responsible for the frontend development and the integration with back-end

Team members involved: 4 front-end developers and a Project Manager

Audio content app
Roku podcasts and music app

General problem

The biggest challenge was the implementation of Roku Pay as it requires work on both ends – the client and back-end. What is more, the communication process with the Roku app store is very complex.

What we have learned

– We have gained more experience working with the platform, especially the newest members of our Roku development team who had a chance to improve their skills and get even more familiar with BrightScript.
– We learned how to integrate the Roku Pay solution.


The main areas of interest were the availability of a free trial allowing users to test the application before purchasing the paid subscription which is divided into different models consisting of various periods of time – month, quarter and year.

What is more, the application allows the choice of several forms of logging in, in order to ensure easy access with the use of different methods. Additionally, the application will have the Roku Pay implemented which is the platform’s form of an internal payment that simplifies the whole process for the users.
The application’s intuitive interface and the carefully designed, pleasant navigation created with regard for the newest and best-of-breed UX research allow for seamless streaming and access to a huge variety of audio content.

Thanks to the application, the company can broaden its reach towards new clients. The users can gain access to a new channel filled with valuable content and various music genres allowing them to further broaden their knowledge and skills but also find new forms of entertainment. They will have the opportunity to learn new things and acquire the information that they are interested in through podcasts and lectures.

Music streaming app on Roku

While working on Roku projects we use setup a VPN which is helpful in choosing a destined demographic location in order to properly develop and test the application.
The certification process will be carried after the application is ready for the market release but basing on our experience, we do not anticipate any obstacles.