Canal Digital Apple TV

About Canal Digital

Canal Digital has a rich content offering, with over 100 TV channels available from all over the world. Close to 840 000 thousands satellite TV households across the Nordics choose Canal Digital as their entertainment platform. Through our streaming services we offer live TV, a weekly archive, and 28 000 titles from video on demand.

Canal Digital holds offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Telenor, with headquarters at Fornebu, Oslo. The Canal Digital Brand is used by both our Nordic satellite TV operations and by Telenor’s cable TV operations in Norway.

Project Goal

Canal Digital Go was available on several platforms already but was lacking a very important option – Apple TV. Better Software Group was working on the app for Android and iOS platforms so we were very excited when Canal Digital approached us to support them with Apple TV app development project. The application was important for Scandinavian market as the platform is very popular one and without the dedicated app, Canal couldn’t as successfully compete with other big players on the market.

Roles in the Project

Canal Digital – End Client, Product Owner, Project Management, Product Management

Better Software Group – Apple TV application development, Solution Provider, Consultancy


General Problem

Apple TV is one of the most popular platforms in the Nordics. It was crucial for Canal Digital, as a streaming service provider, to have their Canal Digital Go app support the platform. Better Software Group has worked with Canal for many years, they knew our experience in video app development and trusted us with yet another project.

Problems Solved in the Project

  • Apple system is regularly upgrading, previously written in Objective-C now it’s in Swift. We have upgraded the technology stack accordingly so that the app is more modern and up to date technology-wise.
  • Another challenging part was system integrations strictly dedicated for Apple TV but also various kinds of DRMs and a player can be challenging when aiming to deliver strongly secure content. Our broad experience allows to execute it successfully.
  •  We have optimized Chromecast for STB solutions

What We Have Learnt

  • As the project is quite big it was important to communicate effectively, have a consistent solution, communication process and understanding.
  • The initial assumption was to create a streaming app similar to popular services. By adding numerous features and expanding the functionalities the final product resulted in an extended streaming service.


Better Software Group developed CD Go app for Apple TV. Functionalities include live content, VOD, catch-ups, EPG, parental control/kids mode, payments within the app, offline mode & downloading the content onto the device, Airplay and Chromecast. The app is compatible with the 4th Generation Apple TV box.