IBC is a five-day media, entertainment and technology conference gathering 1,700 visitors from across the globe. Attending the event gives a unique opportunity to learn from an outstanding line-up of over 300 inspirational speakers, with the additional benefit of fantastic networking opportunities to shape the future of digital media.

IBC (full name International Broadcasting Convention), through its diverse lounge talks, tech talks, and presentations from big-hitting executives, offers full immersion in the world of digital media and entertainment. It’s a go-to event for those after a deep dive into the latest tech trends and innovations.

Visitors and businesses visiting IBC are either hungry for business insights, or on the lookout for potential partners helping to embrace the changes in the industry.

Because BSG is an integral part of the industry, we will be heading to Amsterdam to exhibit our services and projects between 13 – 17 September.

Meet us at IBC in Hall 14, Stand A08 at RAI Amsterdam to find out about how we shape the future of TV and video media. This year, we want to mark our presence at the convention by showcasing some of our most innovative projects and services we have completed or are currently working on in the area:

Software Development Services for TV, Entertainment and Media

  • Custom launchers for Android TV Operator Tier featuring live TV, VoD, EPG, Catch-up and all other features.
  • Faster and cost-efficient multiscreen apps using cross-platform frameworks: React, Flutter and others.

The Better™ – a TV App Platform

The Better™ – a TV App Platform is a cloud-based, application-building framework leveraging ready-made, reusable components and templates, common libraries and backend elements pre-integrated for all connected TV devices: Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, web, mobile and more.

The Better is a platform allowing the instantaneous and flexible delivery and management of multimedia TV / VOD content in multi-screen mode – without the hassle of unnecessary coding and integration.

The primary goal of The Better is to provide all the tools necessary to design and seamlessly customize the appearance of client applications across all devices. It allows content providers and operators to control the changes in the interface, which consequently leads to better consumer experience. Improving its appearance or completely modifying it in real time is done without the need for any updates on the user’s end.

The Better includes predefined integration scenarios for the most popular content management (CMS), Content Access (CAS) and Content Delivery (CDS) systems.

The platform works as a part of a complex ecosystem allowing the distribution of audiovisual content between their creators and recipients. The founding blocks, ensuring the effectiveness of content transmission, their availability and attractiveness to recipients, are:

  • OTT platforms responsible for providing solutions enabling the presentation of audiovisual content and other media using the Internet. OTT platforms include entities such as: Netfix, YouTube, Google TV, Hulu, Apple TV, Roku.
  • Stationary operators (CDN – Content Distribution Network), i.e. television studios, entities involved in the production of television programs and series and other audiovisual content.
  • Entities cooperating with the OTT and CDN platform, whose task is to secure access to audiovisual content and to make them available ensuring correct rendering (decoding).


Liveact.me elevates content marketing in social media (Facebook and Youtube video streaming) to another level through displaying overlay widgets are graphic and animated elements on live broadcasts. This mechanism can be used for branding purposes, or as a tool for presentation of additional content: images, texts, boards, etc.

Liveact.me can show additional information like viewers’ facebook comments, reactions and hashtags as overlays – in real time, as the live video is displayed on the screen.

No software installation is needed – it all works straight from the browser.


An innovating blockchain application in media workflow, Livepeer is an example of a scalable Platform as a Service for developers who want to add live or on-demand video to their projects.

With Livepeer, we aim to increase the reliability of video workflows while reducing the costs of scalability. To achieve this, we are building peer-to-peer infrastructure that interacts through a marketplace secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

Livepeer is built with three core attributes in mind:

  • Scalability. Livepeer allows to freely scale the infrastructure by leveraging peer-to-peer networking. In this way, it optimizes the quality of encoding and video delivery speed.
  • Low Cost. Livepeer’s P2P network aims to reduce the price of transcoding by an order of magnitude over cloud providers, by using crypto-economic incentive mechanisms.
  • Decentralization. No single company or individual can control the Livepeer network. At the same time, all participants have the ability to shape it.

Automatic Content Enrichment

Better Software Group teamed up with Warsaw University of Technology in a shared effort to build a proprietary, innovative system that enables real-time detection of context, description and categorization of video content.

Automatic content enrichment involves the replacement of selected advertising breaks with personalized content from the ad server. It displays targeted video ads seamlessly integrated with live content. There are a few possible benefits behind the process:

  • Providing contextual ads targeted to the currently broadcast video content;
  • Marking the beginnings and ends of individual programs in live broadcast, in order to sell information to the owners of nPVR and CatchUP services;
  • Matching the program to the EPG position.

There are currently no commercial solutions on the market enabling effective and fully automatic analysis of video content for contextual targeting of ads. We believe the solution will revolutionize the video market.

HbbTV-optimized apps

We offer HbbTV-optimized app design and development extended to an operator app variant. HbbTV allows the video content on TV to be complemented by an app displaying high-quality overlay content. Some of the most interesting examples include:

Extra information. Additional, up-to-date details about the content being watched. Imagine watching a football match and accessing each player’s statistics directly from your remote control – without even reaching for your phone. In movies, this could be a way to allow viewers to display actor bios while they appear on the screen.

Program guide. The HbbTV program guide can include extra information on the shows in the program, along with the ability to switch channels directly from the program guide.

Viewer interaction can take many forms. While users could originally only interact with the app using the TV’s remote, 2.0 release of HbbTV will support interaction through phones or tablets. For example, when watching a favourite Hollywood classic, viewers can take related quizzes, or play simple trivia games.

Lyrics for music videos could be available at the viewer’s fingertips. With HbbTV, they could be displayed on the screen while the song is playing, along with the other information like the artist’s bio.

Better advertising via HbbTV will be more contextually fitting, or more targeted to the viewer. Ads may no longer have to interrupt the program. Instead, they can complement the content, and allow for immediate interaction of the viewer.

The advantages of programmatic have been known to internet advertisers for decades, but with HbbTV they are now possible on television. This allows advertisers and broadcasters to:

  1. Increase ad revenue
  2. Automate ad sales processes by implementing the CPM (cost per click) pricing model
  3. Reach different target groups simultaneously within one break (each viewer sees a slightly different ad)
  4. Personalise commercial breaks (e.g. by displaying prices in ads using local currency)

Clutch says it all

Domain expertise, dedication and attention to detail are some of the most distinguishing factors every software house strives to offer. We are happy to demonstrate these traits in all our clients’ Clutch reviews.

At IBC we want to make it clear to the public that developing high-quality work and gaining the trust of the international TV and radio operators is our long-plan strategy for becoming a major player in the digital media and TV industry.

Visit us at IBC at stand no. 14.A08! See you there.

Drop us a line to schedule a meeting at IBC.