Founded by Suhail Doshi and Tim Trefren in 2009, Mixpanel is a self-serve analytics platform that supports data-driven decision-making for digital products. It offers web and mobile application developers a way to track and better understand the interactions of their users with their products. This gives solid data which can be used to improve the app and create a more polished, frictionless experience. 

We are incredibly proud to be joining the Mixpanel Collective partner program to even better support our own clients and offer them data-driven app development services. We’re not only the first certified Mixpanel partner in Poland, but also one of only a few Mixpanel certified companies in East Europe. We are now well on our way to become a Gold or Platinum Partner by our next tiering evaluation in August 2020.

Who uses Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is used by many of the world’s leading digital companies including successful brands such as Skyscanner, Ticketmaster, GoDaddy, DocuSign, Uber and Expedia. The platform helps these companies reach their business goals through data-driven decisions that accelerate innovation.

How Mixpanel improves the app development process

With Mixpanel, the development process is no longer a guessing game based on hit-or-miss decisions. Real-time insights into how people use the products let developers continuously iterate on the product, focusing on the most impactful features. With unmatched product velocity and best-in-breed technology, we can enable potential and existing clients to answer more complex questions about their products.

The Mixpanel toolset contains A/B tests for apps and user survey forms. The data the platform collects is used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention for your digital products. Mixpanel works with various web applications, in particular SaaS, but also supports mobile apps.

It offers very valuable insights into how people use digital products and allows for targeted communication with them. We have previously used the service to deliver a superior experience in our products and better meet the needs of our clients. 

Know your users and how they use the app

Mixpanel gives you easy to understand real-time data on how people use your digital product. You can define various KPIs and app usage milestones based on a series of specific in-app events, e.g. “account created, profile created, and 3+ messages sent.” This helps to identify various UX blocks and allows to iterate the app, polishing it to perfection.

When you’ve used Mixpanel for a couple of months or weeks, specific trends will start emerging showing which parts of your app need improvement. This allows you to spot various changes like dropping onboarding rates early on and take action accordingly. Mixpanel lets you dig into the data yourself or performs an automated analysis to tell you what’s going on. 

Put your plan in action

Mixpanel allows you to set goals and plan how to achieve them. For example, Mixpanel allows you to create a cohort of new users on Android and send them an email invitation to download the web app immediately after they create an account. We can A/B test the email copy to find the most effective version against a control group who didn’t receive any emails.

Better Software Group + Mixpanel = <3

At Better Software Group we have previous experience with the platform as we have implemented Mixpanel analytics for our common client Canal Digital. But now, as our team members have completed the Mixpanel course series, we are officially a certified Mixpanel Collective partner, and can take the collaboration to another level. 

This is a very exciting partnership and we’re looking forward to all the future projects and Mixpanel implementations ahead of us! For a full case study detailing how companies like Canal Digital can benefit from using Mixpanel analytics read this post.

All in all, I would say that Mixpanel has been one of the most valuable partners we’ve had in order to understand how our products are being used. It has taken us from being ‘data novices’ to becoming increasingly more data-driven and advanced. – Jon Espen Nergård, Chief Product & Data Officer, Canal Digital

Being a part of the Collective will allow us to gain expertise in analytics strategy, implementation design and – through their unrivalled enablement program and Mixpanel certifications – give us access to the best-in-breed analytics technology stack. 

The partnership will allow us to engage in various co-marketing opportunities, partner closely with the Mixpanel team for qualified customer introductions and commercial incentives, and build robust services offerings around Mixpanel.


The Mixpanel Collective is an initiative to build a robust and diverse ecosystem of trusted partners. It works to mutual benefit – it helps us grow our services and provide best-in-breed analytics and expertise to our clients, and furthers Mixpanels mission of enabling data-driven, more conscious software development. 

With activities ranging from co-marketing and business development opportunities to robust certifications and continued enablement, the Mixpanel Collective program helps to further our mission of enabling companies to be customer-obsessed and data-informed in order to build products that people love.